The Sexual Object


“The trouble is, doctor,” said Dr Wittenstein’s patient, arranged in languid fashion on the couch, “is that men can be objectified as sexual objects, too.”

The good doctor pushed her spectacles back on her nose for authority, a gesture lost on her patient, who was admiring himself in the mirror.

“However,” she said, “the photos you showed me are all selfies.”

“I still object to being sexually objectified.” the patient grumbled.

“Who else looks at your selfies?” Dr Wittenstein said.

“Just me,” the patient said, “and I’m thinking of changing my name to Carl Dashian, to protect my identity.”

There was a pause, then a long overdue Freudian sigh…

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A.H. Starlingsson

—dispatches from Ukraine🌲currently writing "Distant Taps The Woodpecker,* Mastodon contact: starlingsson@gmail.com_