For every inventor, every physicist, discoverer, there have been thousands of dreamers, failures, no-hopers, or worse; those terminal hopers, like tigers who pace back and forth in cages, behind bars day after day, plotting their freedom, their return to the savannah of azalea trees and sunsets on distant horizons.

For every near miss there is a mile: the road of history is littered with ideas, and mechanics that were nearly good enough.

Some inventions were lucky, and adapted: high heeled shoes were first designed for the Persian military. It took a while for them to be seen as erotic female shoes.

As for penis extenders…well, there have been many, many near misses of those..

Written for Friday Fictioneers Flash 100 word fiction, directed admirably by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo kindly provided by Ted Strutz.



A.H. Starlingsson

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