Inconsequental Intricacies

I hesitate to use the word difficulties. Let’s just say intricacies. Most people simply have no idea, you see, of the intricacies involved in being a serial killer. The intricacies of committing atrocities! Ha! Yes, one does need a sense of humour in this endeavour.

This time, I am arriving by ship. Unfortunately for those well-meaning FBI guys this means I am on no plane list. Tut tut. Missed me again.

What my dear? I am so sorry dear readers, I forgot to introduce my next cadaver. Indeed: not even off the boat yet. My my, what haste, I hear you say! So be it. I do love that sound…

Written for Friday Fictioneer 100 word stories.



A.H. Starlingsson

—dispatches from Ukraine🌲currently writing "Distant Taps The Woodpecker," contact: starlingsson@gmail.com_